Werewolf Majesty Skis 2018

Werewolf Majesty Skis 2018

  • Dimensiones (175): 120-90-110.
  • Radio de Giro: 23,3m.
  • Peso: 1500g

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Modern skis in classic edition. Handcrafted wooden skis with detailed finish, long life wood core flex and timeless wooden design.

Werewolf is a free-touring, all-terrain ski perfect for multipurpose skiing where performance and versatility are essential. The new Werewolf has been exclusively designed with a beautiful veneer top sheet and a classic matt finish. This ski shares the exact geometry of the full carbon layup Werewolf CLT. Werewolf was created for the efficiency conscious free-tourers and ski-mountaineers, who are uncompromising when it comes to quality and versatility. Thanks to shifting the widest point of the ski, the sidecut is reduced which allows for a better edge grip during traverses. Your weight distribution is along the entire length of the ski when ascending rather than just on the skiÕs tips and tails. This optimized stability and support is extremely important when attacking diverse terrain. Additionally, the tip rocker guarantees very comfortable powder ride while the underfoot section of the ski can be effectively used no matter what snow conditions or season you pursue to enjoy. WerewolfÕs tail design will appeal to the spring touring enthusiasts who constantly ski in heavy snow.

The tail is slightly arched up over a short segment of the ski, which allows to release the edge grip and slide down the slope in a controlled and predictable manner. Moreover, the redesigned tails have been equipped with special heels for attaching skins.